Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Basement Remodeling Northern Virginia – Professional Advice

Basement Remodeling Northern Virginia Tips and Advice

When you need more living space in your Northern Virginia area home, by-pass the attic, just forget the backyard, and turn to basement remodeling Northern Virginia. That space that you are most likely using primarily for storage in your Arlington VA, Alexandria VA or Fairfax VA home is prime remodeling territory. For many Northern Virginia homeowners, it’s the best-kept secret in space expansion. Before you say “no way”, consider these facts:

Basement Remodeling Arlington VA

Basement Finishing Arlington VA, Alexandria VA or Fairfax VA home is a simple and cost-effective alternative to adding square footage to a house. In fact, the cost of a new finished basement, with all or most of the same features [the skylights are the only exception] you would get with an all-new ‘built-up’ or ‘built-out’ addition, is around 10-15%! The key is to stop thinking of the remodeling space as a ‘basement’ and reconsider it as additional living space. That is exactly what you’ll get if you apply the following tips.

To be sure, basement remodeling can present challenges — small windows, low ceilings, structural columns. But with the right budget, all can be overcome or even transformed into assets. And unlike other existing spaces, basements flaws are obvious, so you won’t have to budget for unpleasant

Basement Remodeling Northern Virginia Planning

Before calling any contractors for basement remodeling Northern VA ask yourself: What exactly do we want to do with the unfinished basement? How long are we going to be in our Northern VA area home? What is important to us? The answers to these questions are fundamental in planning the addition of the new space. Most likely you are only going to do this project once so is should be done to answer the above questions and meet your expectations.  There may be times where putting the project off for an additional year maybe two is the best first step to save resources to finish the basement to meet the objectives. With that out of the way here are some additional tips.

Basement Finishing Northern VA – Windows

Hannegan Construction recommends maximizing window areas within the finished space for maximum daylight and fresh air. Also do not forget emergency egress in the basement. Most building codes require every room to have two ways to exit keep the floor plan “open”; this will make the place brighter, and lower your overall project costs. Funnel in as much daylight as possible. The existing windows wells can be dug deeper or wider, so that larger windows and or wells can be installed. This remains true even if cutting through solid, poured concrete foundation walls is necessary. There’s a company ['Bilco'] that offers a product called ‘Scapewel’. It’s a large window well system made of structural rigid foam. Terraced steps scoop in natural light and provide easy escape. The steps can be enhanced with potted plants. Or job built window wells can be constructed of concrete retaining wall stones terraced back from the existing window well location.

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