Thursday, September 22, 2011

Infinera Unveils Next Step in Photonic Integrated Circuits -- 500 Gbps

Infinera introduced its third generation, 500 Gbps photonic integrated circuit (PIC) -- the foundation for its new DTN-X multi-terabit switching platform designed for scaling core networks. The 500 Gbps PIC integrates more than 600 optical functions and works by converting light waves into electrical circuits, which can then be switched and groomed with digital signal processing.

The DTN-X combines.....READ MORE

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Domain Names Continue Grow in 2011

Quarter after quarter, the domain name business continues to grow.
Verisign's second quarter 2011 domain name study reported that there were 5.2 million new domain names added in the second quarter of 2011. On a year-over-year basis, the second quarter growth is an 8.6 percent increase. There are now 215 million domains registered across all domains.
The .com and .net Top Level Domains helped to lead growth with an 8.3 percent gain in the quarter. Verisign reported that.....READ MORE

Juniper Brings 3.8 Terabits per Second to the Edge

In modern networks, there needs to be speed and capacity at both the core and edge of the network. This week, Juniper Networks announced a big speed boost for its MX 3D Universal Edge routers bringing capacity up to 3.8 Terabits per second via a software upgrade.
The MX 3D platform was first announced in October of 2009. At the time of the initial announcement, Juniper said that its top end MX 3D router could deliver up to 2.6 Terabits per second of bandwidth.  Previously......READ MORE